7 Days after……….

I have been home now for two days and I can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey that we have just finished.

It seems more than a week ago when the Atlantic Ocean first came into view at Ormond Beach, Florida. I have to admit that I was overwhelmed with the sight and the realisation that after 31 days of high concentration, tension and determination that we had actually achieved what we set out to do – drive a 109 year old Oldsmobile from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean – I still can’t believe it!

What is really standing out in my mind is that amazing Oldsmobile – it never missed one beat during the almost 3000 mile journey. It had every excuse considering the conditions it was put through – rough, pot-holed, corrugated, ghastly roads – steep mountain declines, where I gulped on first sight wondering if the brakes would be efficient enough (they were) – the steep mountainous climbs that seemed to go on forever AND the poor Olds keeping at a steady 8 mph in first gear for almost an hour on several occasions. What surprised me also, just how it pulled up those not quite as steep mountains in top gear. That is more than amazing!

Now, I know that R.E Olds back in 1904 designed a brilliant car, but I have to say that the absolute reliability of this particular Olds. was due to Trevor’s brilliant engineering expertise and the care and thought he put into the rebuilt and preparation for this trip that he and I were scheduled for in 2009. He had finished the rebuild just before he was diagnosed with cancer.

One cold day in New Mexico when we were about 8000 feet above sea-level, I came over a crest to view the most incredible panorama of mountains and mesas in the distance – I felt sad that Trevor was not there with me – he would have really wanted to witness such magnificence. Then when the Atlantic Ocean came into view just seven days ago my emotions came to the fore and I remember looking up to the heavens and saying to Trevor, “We did it. Thank you”.

It seems as if I am on an emotional roller-coaster ride at the moment. I’ll try to get back to normality (whatever that is) as soon as possible.

I would also like to mention one more person who had a great influence on my motoring life – my late father, Murray. He brought me up to appreciate mechanical devices and to treat each one with respect – I hope I have pleased the two most important males in my life.