Day 28 Panama City to Tallahassee

A decision was made to leave a half an hour earlier at 8.30 am. We were invited to visit the Tallahassee Motor Museum and it was another 15 miles further from where we were staying for the night. The total miles for the day would then be about 120 miles. When we were about to leave we learned that after we crossed the Eastern line the clocks would go forward – in other words, in real terms, we were leaving an hour later.

Surprisingly after we left the million or so traffic lights from Panama City the road became quite a bit quieter. Today is certainly a record, I have managed not to run even one red light! The record was set a few days ago when it sort of got to ten! Hope, none of the friendly policemen I have met on the way are reading this!

The roads were great as we drove mile after mile through pine forests – I started to think that, at last, I was going to have such an easy day! Never think that way!

Joy in the Batmobile

We arrived on the outskirts of Tallahassee and I have never seen so many red-lights. They must have been waiting for me. Tallahassee is quite hilly and many of the traffic lights are situated on inclines and of course we seemed to hit the red lights then, which is not really the right situation for the Olds to take off.

Eventually we arrived at the Tallahassee Automotive Museum and were entertained well. I sat in a Batmobile! I didn’t know that was my ambition but the visit created a diversion from the trials and tribulations of our trip.