Day 24 New Orleans to Pascaguola

The Olds

The Olds spent her two night break outside of the centre of New Orleans in the company of one of her slightly older relatives, a 1903 Oldsmobile. Mike Seiderman kindly offered to garage the Olds as space in the French Quarter where we were staying is very limited.

On the way out we decided that it would be a wasted opportunity if the Olds was not photographed in Bourbon Street. At 9 we left with 13 miles to travel to the centre and we parked in the famous street while her photograph was taken. We finally left just before 11 and with 120 miles to drive it was going to be a long day.

Being now on the coast we travelled through the area where Hurricane Katrina devastated vast areas. Near the lakes houses had been built on poles approximately 20 feet high.

As we drove on the Olds was purring her healthy sound. The weather was reasonably cool so the conditions suited her well.

After crossing several long concrete bridges we arrived right on the Gulf coast. The sands are white but the water did not look inviting today. After travelling about 40 miles along Highway 90 beside the beachfront, we arrived at our destination at 5.55 pm.