Day 19 Denton to Mineola

Relaxing with a Brew

Left Denton almost on time. Took the correct road this time! As we went within a mile of my Aussie friend Pete Pohlman’s house we arranged to meet so he could have the opportunity to accompany me in the Olds for about ten miles. The road wasn’t that suitable for an introduction to veteran car motoring seated high up with exposure to the elements. It was a busy highway with big trucks whizzing by at speed while chuffed chuffed along at a steady 25mph. Pete seemed to enjoy his new experience and my Australian accent has now been restored after a couple of days in the company of an Aussie.

Time for a fill up

Jim continued on as my passenger for the rest of the day. The road was busy until we reached McKinney thirty miles on. The traffic died down a lot as we passed through acres and acres of corn crops. After we started heading south on the 69 the drive became more enjoyable with fewer trucks thundering past and the fields and verges were lush green. Nearing Mineola we started to see more trees with leaves showing that spring had certainly arrived here in this part of Texas.

About a mile from the Hotel where we are staying I saw someone on the footpath taking photos of us. Then I recognised Stuart Barnes who competes in a 500cc racing car with Mark. A few minutes later Stuart arrived at the Hotel. Tonight another celebration!

AND to finish – the Olds never missed a beat today, as usual.