Day 17 Graham to Denton

Headed off from Graham almost on time again but in the wrong direction! We didn’t progress far before the GPS started going wild again and we turned around!

The roads were wide and at first not a lot of traffic – I was certainly enjoying myself going up rises and down again, the Olds behaving magnificently as we progressed through verdant forests with wild flowers of every colour growing beside the road. The State of Texas is certainly offering us considerable variety in just three days from dry almost desert type terrain to the lush greenery of today.

The Texas Sun

Near Decatur, a city of 6000 plus people, the roads became much busier with big trucks overtaking us on the dual carriageway. Mark, my passenger for the day suddenly said to me that I had better pull up on the shoulder as there was a car with flashing lights right behind us. It was the local policeman. He walked up to the back of the car and Mark hopped out and was asked for his licence. “I’m not driving,” said Mark. The policeman then came round to my side and asked what we were doing. I explained to him that we were driving from coast to coast to raise funds for Cancer Research and so on. I gave him my International Drivers’ Licence and my British one then he took them back to the police car to check up. When he returned he told us that he was going in the opposite direction when he spotted us going much slower than the other traffic that was over-taking us. He wanted to check up to see if we had lights and a triangle on the back of the vehicle (we have) but as he was following us he noticed that the driver (he thought Mark was the pilot) spent a lot of the time looking behind, so how could anyone who wasn’t looking ahead, drive properly! He let us continue and wished us luck. I think he was surprised that we had already travelled so far!

About fifteen miles from Denton we took a diversion to avoid the heavy traffic. The road was much rougher but at least there were no big trucks whizzing past at speed.
Arrived at Denton well ahead of schedule at 3.45pm.

Looking forward to an Aussie barbecue this evening! My friend Peter Pohlman, from my hometown Geelong, Australia just happens to live three miles away and has invited us to come over.

No blog tomorrow – it’s maintenance day.