The Journey So Far

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  1. jason says:

    Best of british luck to you,mark and the team, I will be following you on here all the way.

  2. Bob Lamond says:

    G’day mate – I wish you fair winds and kind hills.

    After you have completed this Expedition bring her out to Australia – we are about the same width – my 1910 Brush has driven twice across Australia to celebrate the 1912 first motor crossing and we drove her all the way “Around Australia” to celebrate the Centenary of our federation..
    In August 2014 there is a Veteran Rally doing a South to North crossing – Adelaide to Darwin – 4,200 kms.
    The website is

    Good Luck Bob Lamond

  3. dave bunch says:

    As a former Olds executive employee in Lansing, Mich. from 1968-73, Bldg. 70, during the “performance years”, it is great what you are doing! Showing Olds cars, even a 1902 Curve Dash, that Olds built fine cars for that era. However, most important you are raising funds to support a charity! Thanks and “Rocket ON” mates.

  4. dave bunch says:

    BTW: I am in Tallahassee, Florida and I am spreading the word that you are scheduled to stop here. There are several Olds people that live here and hopefully we can raise some $$$ to donate.

  5. John Hicks says:

    Looks like all is going well for you all. Good luck, will catch up with you soon.

  6. Carl & Samuel Vockins says:

    Fantastic guys All of you!!!..i so wish i could have joined you somewhere along the way, but with the arrival of my first born ‘Samuel’ its not going to happen (not this time!) i even missed seeing you off from the UK…. i have just shown him where you are on your ‘journey so far’ map & to be honest he just dribbled abit..i guess that means we are both jealous!! lol

    Bon Voyage, God speed…& Plenty of smiles per mile!
    look forward to see You All back in Blighty! chuft, chuft ,chuft

  7. Sumner and Teresa says:

    Just watched your video blog on youtube, and will continue to follow your amazing and inspirational journey. All the best with the rest of the way, liking the hats! lots of love Andy Judith Lucy Emma Joe Rosie and Teresa x

  8. Denis Bonner says:

    I am amazed even though I already knew what you were capable of. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  9. Fantastic trip you’re on. Can’t wait to meet you on the 8th in Tallahassee, FL

  10. John O. Nicklaw says:

    Good luck! Looking fwd. to your progerss. GOD SPEED!

  11. Dave Mann says:

    Good job.. We are so please to have shared an evening with you good folks. All the best. Jaramillo’s Tavern St Johns, Az
    Dave and Barbara

  12. Paul Turner says:

    Congratulations Joy, your team and that amazing Oldsmobile on your epic journey.


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