9th May

Day 27Pensacola to Panama City, Florida

Left Pensacola in fine weather, albeit slightly humid. Once rolling along in the Olds with the breeze blowing in one’s face, it felt quite a lot cooler.

Went over a 3 mile length bridge then took the coastal road along the white sands and brilliant blue water. It certainly looked inviting today and I felt like stopping for a swim, but didn’t.

After about 30 miles it was back into civilisation and more traffic. I’m starting to pine for those deserted roads already.

Quite heavy traffic into Panama City AND the Olds keeps chuff, chuffing along.
Arrived at Hotel just before 5.

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One Response to 9th May

  1. Doug Larson says:

    I very much enjoyed your stop at my shop yesterday. I really didn’t want to work and appreciated the chance to talk to some of our friends from across the pond.

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