27th April

Day 15 Lubbock to Aspermont

Relaxing in the heatArrived in Aspermont just after 4 p.m. today AND the temperature is 30C. What a difference to two days ago when it was below freezing.

This morning we travelled through flat countryside, not much vegetation but the red ochre fields were ploughed ready for the cotton to be planted. A number of ‘nodding donkeys’ were doing their work drilling for oil, the smell of crude oil quite strong as we drove along. Mile after mile the scenery did not change much then just before we arrived at Post, a small town we climbed a rise and once over the crest we could see green grass and a few trees.

Turning off the main highway we headed towards our day’s destination and amazingly we started to climb again. The road had little traffic, was well maintained, there was green vegetation and it felt like we were in a different state again. But this is Texas and in this part it certainly isn’t flat and uninteresting.

After some miles of climbing – the Olds certainly pulling well without losing much speed – I could see some mountains in the distance and up ahead I saw a specially built picnic area with a Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flying on the roof. It was the rest of Team setting up lunch!

Jim was my passenger today and I think he managed to go to sleep as he was quiet for some time.

Tomorrow another 100 miles plus.

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  1. Myra wilson says:

    Always enjoy the blogs – great to get news of you all. Yes quite strange the change in temperature. Would like it a bit warmer here in the uk. Unless it changes suddenly you’ll all be in for a bit of a shock onnyour return. Thanks joy for the updates – keep’m coming. Myra

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