14th May

The day after………

The Olds had to be packed into the trailer ready for delivery to the docks tomorrow.

I felt a bit sad as I felt like we should be driving again…….I think it has become an addiction – getting into the Olds everyday for 31 days and travelling through such a magnificent country.

The journey could not have taken place without such an enthusiastic team. Mark and Nick maintained the Oldsmobile and looked after her every whim with such professionalism, Jim was part-sponsor and we are grateful for supplying the GPS systems and setting them up for each day’s run.

The journey was such a lot of fun, although at times it didn’t feel quite that way after spending 8 hours or so in the saddle in the freezing and wet weather. If it had been easy then it would not have felt like a challenge.

I am so grateful to Mark, Nick and Jim, without whom this trip would not have taken place AND I just hope that they enjoyed every minute as much as I did.

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3 Responses to 14th May

  1. Denise says:

    Well done Joy looking forward to seeing you back in Shopmo driving the “olds” powerchair so glad you enjoyed the experience made all the hastles before you left worth it.
    Take care Joy, have a safe journey home.

  2. Doug Morrissey says:

    Well done that Girl!!
    What a great achievement, good on you Joy. Let’s hope our ‘Challenge’ goes as well as yours. Looking forward to seeing you at Prescott or sooner in that old pub you mentioned.
    Doug M xxx

  3. Parker L. Phillips says:

    Too bad you couldn’t have made it up along the Atlantic coast. You would have enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel drive.

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