13th May

Day 31 Astor to Daytona Beach


It hasn’t sunk in yet. After 31 days on the road, and I think about 200 hours perched on the Olds holding the tiller steering from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, we have arrived.

Stopped at Birthplace of Speed Park, Ormond Beach where we were welcomed by John and Maggie Lake of the Oldsmobile Club of Florida, then the biggest surprise of all, we ran the Olds along the sands where motor sport first started many years ago.

Drove the Olds front wheels into the Atlantic Ocean, as we had doused the rear wheels with Pacific Ocean on 13th April to signify that we have completed this amazing journey.

Onto Daytona Beach where we repeated the driving on the sands.

Perhaps tomorrow I will realise that the trip has come to an end. I DON’T WANT IT TO END. Would love to keep driving………………………

More later

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4 Responses to 13th May

  1. geoff kimber says:

    Well done; never doubted that you would complete the journey.
    I have enjoyed reading the daily report. Your mum phoned Russells yesterday evening where it was announced. Penny was there with a ladies dinner and so brought the good news home to me.
    We had a display of all your blogs at Prescott,at our Charity Classic car event . Stirling remembered his long chat with you on the Oldsmobile last year.
    Best regards

  2. Lyle Hegsted says:

    Sorry to see your journey end but glad it was successful. I enjoyed reading your blogs each day.

  3. John & Judy Forsyth says:

    Well done all of you.
    Sorry we weren’t at the finish to see you dip the wheels in the Ocean.
    See you when you are back.
    We shall miss the daily blog.
    John & Judy

  4. John and Maggie Lake says:

    Joy and all of the crew, We enjoyed getting to welcome you to Ormond Beach, and meeting you. You are a wonderful woman, and on behalf of the Olds club of Florida, we were honored that we got to spend so much time with you and your crew. You are all awesome people and it was OUR pleasure to spend the time with you. May God go with you on all of your future travels! Please keep in touch with us and let us know when your book and CDs are available. Welcome to the Olds Club of Florida, newest member! Love, John and Maggie Lake.

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