12th May

Day 30 Cross City to Astor

Another relatively easy driving day for both the driver and Oldsmobile. Mostly on dual carriageway, similar forest to yesterday.

Was met by a more modern Oldsmobile at Ocala and Pat the owner followed for quite a few miles.

Although we just take one day at a time and never talk about the following day or particularly the last day as we do not want to tempt fate. Tomorrow is the day we are due to arrive at Daytona Beach. There are under 40 miles to drive BUT until we get there we have not finished.

We have been invited to call into the Birthplace of Speed Park, Ormond Beach where we will get our first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean. Then and only then, will I realise that we have achieved our coast to coast journey.

More tomorrow!!

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One Response to 12th May

  1. Pat and Kay Higgins says:

    Kay and I just arrived back from our trip to Maryland…it was great to meet you in our modern olds[68]….Kay got a kick out of that description of it…glad you made it safely to the Atlantic…we weren’t too sure seeing the cars passing on the shoulder…hope you get a chance to catch your breath and rest up before your next adventure ! we got some great photos from John and Maggie at Ormond Beach…Take care…Pat and Kay

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