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Joy Across America - Book Cover

Joy Across America – Book Cover
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It seems like forever since 13th May last year when we arrived at Ormond Beach, Florida, to see the Atlantic Ocean which signalled the end of our epic journey from coast to coast in my 1904 Oldsmobile.

I have recently re-lived the journey from day to day whilst writing my book ‘Joy Across America’.

The book will be officially launched at Race-Retro, the historic racing car show, held at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on 21st February.

If you would like to purchase the book you can order now for just £18.95+postage. Just choose the correct location from the dropdown and click Buy Now. Payments are processed by Paypal using your credit/debit card or Paypal account.

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The Journey Starts Again

After the success of the trip across America last year, this years trip will be just as amazing. Check out our new site detailing out trip across Australia (in aid of Evesham Shopmobility) at JoyInTheOutback.com.

 The Original Pages…

On 13th April 2013 Joy Rainey and her Team left Oceanside California to drive coast to coast across the USA, a distance of over 2,600 miles in a 109 year old Oldsmobile horseless carriage, to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Joy, better known for piloting faster cars, successfully participated in speed hill-climbing events throughout the UK for many years, and recently long-distance rallies with her partner and co-driver Trevor Hulks.


The Team at a photo shoot outside Abbey Medical Centre

The Team at a photo shoot outside Abbey Medical Centre in Evehsam

This Coast to Coast adventure was to be the couple’s most challenging, however sadly in 2010 Trevor was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Joy said, “A few months after Trevor’s untimely death I was contacted by Gary Hoonsbeen of the CDO Club in the USA who gently suggested that I might consider undertaking the trip myself as a tribute to Trevor. My reply was ‘I never say never’, but in my heart then, I did not think that I could take on such a challenging trip without my soul-mate”.

After considerable soul searching and encouragement from friends and family, Joy  decided that it feels like unfinished business. Therefore on 13th April 2013 she started the Coast to Coast USA trip from Oceanside California to Daytona Beach arriving on 15th May 2013 in her 109 year old Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Joy’s goal is to raise £20,000 for Cancer Research.

The Route

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